What Do Women Want In A Man (Let Me Show You)

What Do Women Want In A Man (Let Me Show You)

What women want… The ultimate question that has plagued the mind of most men ever since the beginning of time.

Well good thing for you guys out there, I have done the hard yards and research for you. I have discovered what women want!

So what is it that they want?

Women want to feel like everyone else in this world. They want to feel special. Sounds simple right? Well it is, if you think about it. But how many of you men out there know what it takes to make her feel special without you looking like a needy spineless loser who supplicates to her every wish at the drop of a hat? Not many.

In order to give what women want, then you need to understand that attraction and seduction is very simple, if you keep this theme in your head.

Women want a man!

What a surprise!

I know this is not that hard to understand, but think about the amount of times you gave up your manhood and stopped acting like a real man. I mean, think about the times that you started taking her way too seriously and being more emotional than her. Think about the times that you have called her for no apparent reason just to make small talk. Think about the times you did things to lower your status.

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How to be the man that women want by showing higher status

Your worth is recognized and appreciated

This is like social proofing. For example, you are the popular guy that people want to get to know because you are “the man”. This is why in the seduction community, the pick up artist will make sure she qualifies the girl he is trying to pick up on. This shows her that he can get other girls and she’s not the only one around.

Other people seek your approval

When other people come up to you and ask for your approval or opinion, they are trying to impress you. Women can sense this intuitively, and they know since other people are sucking up to you, you are the man.

You are competent naturally

You are natural and do not try too hard to impress, because, being impressive is simply a part of you. You don’t need to go out of your way to dress up or say funny things, because that essence is your persona naturally.

You can comfortably demonstrate that other people have lower status than you without coming off as an asshole

You can be able to tease and make fun of others without coming off as tying too hard. You are naturally that funny guy who gives girls a hard time or like to poke fun of people. You are not envious or jealous, rather you make light of things that other men take too seriously and you are cool with whatever goes your way.

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You display social intelligence

If you can handle awkward or weird situations, then there is no better proof than showing you have high social status. This is what women want in a man. You do not kiss ass to the hot gorgeous babe that everyone else is trying to buy drinks for. Instead, you walk up to her, give her a back handed compliment and wait for her reaction, then laugh at her response and handle her comeback with a better response, then you can smile and walk away. This would blow away all the other guys, and instead of putting the women on a pedestal like all the other men, you drop her value down to a normal level where she can no longer be such a bitch.

You are picky with women

If you screen other people, then you increase your own relative value and self worth. There is a term saying “the hungry dog never gets fed”. If you come across as being too easy or desperate, then you lose your social status. Instead if you are in demand, you are the one that does the picking. You choose who you want to be with. Not the other way around.

If you display all these traits, then you would be considered a high status male, or be an “alpha male”. Thus you have what women want.

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