What To Do On The Second Date

What To Do On The Second Date

So you’ve passed the first date and you are now on your second date.

What should you do?

Actually, the second date is simple. Just replicate what you did on your first date and you will be fine!

So what do I mean by that?

Well this is what I mean…

Stick to the theme that worked the first time – Say for example the first date you went out and you were funny and amusing. This time stick to the same stuff you were talking about. Did you make a facial expression or was there one specific line that you would say and immediately get a positive reaction out of her? Well remember that line and use it throughout the interaction! That way you make her know more about you in a fun and entertaining manner!

  1. Do not go all deep and meaningful – For some reason a lot of men seem to believe by being all serious and deep and meaningful is required to be successful with women. This is not the case. Women like a sense of adventure, excitement and fun. You don’t want to be that guy who tells her about world politics and other boring subjects like that. Unless she is the type of girl to be in that kind of thing. Just think to yourself before you open your mouth, would this build attraction to me if I told her this?
  2. Keep the conversation topic around her – If you ever are stuck on what to say and don’t know how to keep the conversation interesting, well think about this. Remember to simply keep talking to her about her! Nothing in the world is more interesting to a person than herself, so remember to make her the focus of the interaction.
  3. Avoid all negative topics – It has been proven that people associate feelings to locations or other people around them that make them feel a certain way. In the same manner, if you talk about negative and depressing issues around the girl, then chances are she will associate that energy with you. That is bad and do not go there. That is why you should keep the interaction all light hearted fun and exciting. Make her laugh constantly and I assure you this will bring attraction!
  4. Make fun of her constantly – This is great. If you make fun of her the whole night you not only show her that you are comfortable in her presence you are also demonstrating higher value to her. Not only is this interesting and entertaining for you, she’ll most likely end up playfully punching you or things like that. If that happens then you know that she likes you and what you are doing is working.
  5. Do not bring her gifts of flowers – This is very important. You do not want to set a precedent whereby you are trying to impress or gain her approval. If you try and gain her approval with money it is even worse! That is why I cringe when I see movies portray sending gifts and flowers as being romantic. It is not and will not get you anywhere. If you have to, spend a few dollars and buy both of you a small drink. Make it casual and don’t come across as if you are trying to impress her with your money rather than your personality.
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After reading this, you should know step by step how to impress a girl on the second date!

Good luck.

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