Romantic Conversation Starters To Make Her Fall In Love With You

Romantic Conversation Starters To Make Her Fall In Love With You

So you’re wondering about romantic conversation starters. Because you are thinking in your own head “man I need a conversation starter” or “I wonder what conversation topics she’ll like”. Well good news for you guys. I have created this article dedicated to dating conversation topics and interesting conversation topics for guys out there who are worried about what to say.

Just remember, the general theme of the night should revolve around HER and not you.

So you want to ask open ended questions relating to what will get her mind ticking. I know this sounds vague, but all you need to do is get her talking about herself, and make her feel good. That is the best romantic conversation starter I know, because once she’s interested in the topic, you suddenly become much more interesting to her, and thus she will feel much more connected with you.

Romantic Conversation Starter Stories

The story that you tell should go along the lines of being both magical, mythical and real at the same time. That is what makes up a good story. Girls like to hear stories full of emotions and descriptions, so the best thing to do is tell her stories with strong symbols and end with an ending that never quite ends, because you link the story back to the reality of you two being together. Sounds difficult? It’s not as hard as it may seem. I have gone through the effort of providing you a sample of a romantic conversation starter story:

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Theme: Social interaction between people should be like the natural growth of a flower in the world.

You: “My friend told me this interesting analogy about male and female interactions. He says that social interaction between people should be like the natural growth of a flower in the world. You want to hear it?”

Her: “sure”

You: “When you first meet someone, you should understand that the relationship and interaction with that person should be free flowing. If you have an agenda or an outcome behind the interaction you are putting a box over it. It is as if you have a rose and you’re trying to shape it the way you want. For example, don’t you just hate it when you first meet a guy, and all he does is seem to come onto you. It’s as if getting with you is his goal. That’s because he has put a box in his head around you. The box is labeled “to get with” and you are his target. Now if he doesn’t get what he wants from you, then to him, he would have failed and it would make things all awkward for the both of you. A relationship shouldn’t be in a box. Instead it should be like a rose growing freely in the wild. When the time comes the rose will mature, the stem will grow strong and the pedals will turn into a beautiful rosy color. That is how you want a relationship to flourish and grow. Just like a rose naturally. So that both parties will enjoy each others presence without being labeled or put into a box.”

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Her: (speechless as to how smooth you were)

There you go. How’s that for a romantic conversation starter story! As you can see by telling her a romantic story, you have intertwined the possibility of you two being together in her mind.

Not only have you done this, you were also able to teach her something through a very powerful and symbolic yet beautiful analogy. This will surely seduce her mind. After this you can start asking her opinion about what she thinks about the story and then you bridge onto her thoughts about relationships and dating.

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