How To Make Safe Sex

How To Make Safe Sex

This article will tell you about that how to make safe sex. Everybody wants to be stay healthy and fit. Now these days there are many sexual diseases which are spread through unsafe sex, here are names of some sexual transmitted disease like AIDS, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, Syphilis and many others. Mostly people who are doing unsafe sex they suffered from HIV disease. If you want to stay fit you have to take some precautions while doing sex. Firstly we have to know what is safe sex . Safe sex means make sure that you don’t get anyone’s blood, sperms, vaginal discharge in your body — and preventing your friend or partners too. Now we will now how to do safe sex.

Here are some basic tips to make safe sex and stay healthy

Use Condoms

Everybody knows the importance of condoms and knows how to use condoms to make safe sex. Condom is one of the best way to get rid from sexual transmitted disease. If you want to enjoy good and healthy sex then use condoms, there are many types of condoms available in the markets which are very effective and you can enjoy good sex and condom is also the one of best way of protection against unwanted pregnancy. Before using condoms firstly check out the condoms that the condoms are fresh and check out the condoms expiry date and always go for good and branded condoms.

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If you going for sex and start sex with blowjob then firstly put condom on your partner’s dick then start blowjob. This will protect you form sexually transmitted disease because in this way sperm will not go directly in to your mouth and you will stay safe

Other way is use sex toys which are very good way to do safe sex because by using sex toys like dildo or vibratos you became safe from STD because in this way you will not get in touch with anybody and you can satisfied yourself, but if you are using used sex toys then you have to take some precautions like put condoms on to the vibrators and then use them

After following these tips you will defiantly get some good results and these tips will help you stay away from sexual transmitted disease and you can make safe sex and live healthy life.

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