How to Make KamaSutra Poses

How to Make KamaSutra Poses

This article teaches you some Kamasutra poses which helps you to enjoy the intercourse. Kamasutra is one of the excellent ways to discover the information on the sexual positions. There are varieties of different sexual poses that can help you enjoy the sexual intercourse. Love making is one of the tremendous feeling like heavenly, while making love you can forget about all your worries and tensions and you live in every second.

Kamasutra binding the three aims of life virtue (dharma), prosperity (artha) and love (Kama). Kamasutra positions may find you difficult but these positions give you really pleasure. This article teach you some positions of Kamasutra like

The Kshudgaga position

In this position your female partner has to sit with elevated thighs, her feet is put either side of the male partner’s waist and try to put your erect sexual organ in to the female sexual organ. This is known as the Kshudgaga position. This is one of the common sexual positions. This position can delay your penetration.

The Padma position

In this position sit in front of your female partner and try to hold her ankles and tighten them behind your neck and ask your female partner to hold her toes while making love. It is one of the beautiful positions, it is also known as “THE LOTUS”. In this position female partner has to sit on the man’s lap facing towards the man and put the man’s erect sexual organ in the female sexual organ. This position needs daily routine practice because this is one of the difficult positions and also needs flexibility.

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The Kaurma position

In this position both the partner has to sit face to face. In this position eye contact is very essential to create the sexual sensations. This position is also needs lot of practice. In this man has to touch the female partner’s breast with toes and hands has to be hold tightly. This also helps to delay the penetration.

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