Sitting Sex Position of Kama-Sutra

Sitting Sex Position of Kama-Sutra

This article is very interesting, as in this article you will learn some sexual positions and also these sex positions are very superb for the tentative in mind. These sitting sex positions are outstanding for the male as it is not too exhausting and also very useful to delay ejaculation. The most useful and profitable way to execute these sexual posses is on a chair. Given below are some of the sitting sexual positions of kama-sutra.

The first sitting position is that you have to sit on a chair with your female partner on both sides of your legs and then your female partner puts her arms around your neck and then you both start to move up and down bit by bit. Also face away- have your female partner sit facing away from you and then she place the tempo by lifting and lowering her feet as she desires.

Secondly you can also perform squatting chair, in this sexual position, if you utilize a large chair, then your female partner bend in front of you putting her feet on the arms of the chair or side of the chair and  also manage the each and every movement.

Another sitting sexual position is laid back. In this sexual position your female partner facing you in the chair and let her go down all the way back placing her head on a head support on the ground. This position is very adventurous.

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Doing laps, this is also very interesting position, in this tells your female partner to sit diagonally your lap with her legs hanging just above ground.

Criss cross sexual position is also very amazing as it permits you to uphold intercourse for what seems to be everlasting and normally manage climax. Try this position when you have enough time and in this position couple’s have experienced numerous orgasms and also have extensive orgasms.

To put in practice this sexual position both the partner sit facing each other and insert your sexual organ and extend your legs . Now hold onto your hands and move them out to the sides of your bodies and then lay back and stare up towards the ceiling. At this moment both of you are connected only at the genitals.

The starfish is also very pleasurable sexual position and in this position male partner has to sit on the ground and your arms holding your weight after you, your legs tight out in front of you. Then female partner has to sit on your lap with her back and then curve her knees and stretches her legs and put her feet flat on the ground. Then female partner has to squeeze her PC muscles as you formulate small circular revolving with your pelvis.

Now your female partner is in full control permitting her to go as slow or fast as. Male partner tongue also has access to female partner’s neck and the peak of her spine. Male partner relaxes as female partner takes full control and mainly male likes to be led and also your female partner’s hands are also free to rouse your testicles and also massage your thighs.

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