Who Should File for a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Who Should File for a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Victims of complications resulting from pelvic organ prolapse, or POP repair surgery might be entitled to legal representation and compensation. Thousands of women have filed a vaginal mesh lawsuit in federal court and many have already settled. The FDA officially announced in July 2011 that women undergoing this surgery are at greater risk for complications than other procedures. So since the manufactures did not sufficiently warn the patients about the increased dangers of trans vaginal mesh there is certainly legal ground to seek compensation for any pain, suffering, or additional medical bills these complications may have caused.

It is common for women, as they get older, to experience some degree of prolapse of the pelvic organ. Many of the less severe cases can be treated through simple exercises or lifestyle changes. However, if the prolapse is causing chronic pain or is interfering with day to day life a doctor might recommend surgery to treat the vaginal prolapse. The surgery can be performed vaginally or through the abdomen, and either with simple stitches or with the addition of urogynecologic surgical mesh, also called transvaginal mesh or TVM. If a woman is also experiencing urinary incontinence resulting from POP, relief can also be received from surgical treatment. The trans-vaginal mesh might also be applied in this circumstance too.

The FDA statement about the safety and effectiveness of this urogynecologic surgical mesh concluded that it was no more effective than the use of traditional stitches. Furthermore this review stated that the mesh did present a greater risk of post operatic complications. These complications may include increased urinary incontinence, mesh erosion, swelling, pain, bleeding, scarring of the vagina, and organ perforation. This conclusion of increased risk of complication without any increase in effectiveness compared to traditional stitches means that the medical manufacturers, and also possibly doctors, are potentially legally liable for these resulting complications.

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These problems can be life altering, causing many women to be unable to work or carry out their basic functions around the house. Not only can you suffer lost wages or productivity from these problems, but they also require additional medical attention. In many cases the responsible parties have put the responsibility back on the patient, increasing the pain and suffering of the victim. If these complications are in fact the fault of the medical manufacturer or a medical professional then in light of this FDA report they should definitely be liable to compensate victims for any losses incurred.

Unfortunately many women, or people close to them, think that seeking legal recourse in this situation is more trouble than it is worth. Thousands of cases have been settled since 2011 with the victims receiving due compensation for suffering resulting from transvaginal mesh complications. Most attorneys offer free consultations for personal injury lawsuits, and if there is a case that goes to trial many charge no legal fees unless the decision favors the plaintiff. So any victims of TVM complications should definitely look into the possibility of a vaginal mesh lawsuit. Pain and suffering resulting from malpractice or lack of disclosure from a manufacturer should be legally compensated.

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