Yoga Clothing: What You Need For a Perfect Exercise

Yoga Clothing: What You Need For a Perfect Exercise

One of the best ways to keep yourself healthy and fit is by practicing yoga. Yoga is excellent because it doesn’t require any additional equipment, nor you will need extra space than the room you spend most of your day. Of course, yoga is even better outside in nature. Parks, wilderness, and mountains are excellent because of the fresh air and beautiful sites.

The only thing you need is cloths. Since yoga requires a lot of stretching and doing positions that might damage the cloths, it’s wise to get some flexible materials. Also, the stretching will surely get you sweaty so you need the materials to be made of fabric that will allow your skin to breathe.

Here are the essentials you need for a normal everyday practice:

Yoga pants

Lots of companies are specialized in making yoga pants. Yoga pants must be flexible yet allow the skin to breathe. They are made as a mix of cotton, lycra spandex, polyester, nylon, and other materials that allow the pants to be both lightweight and feel good on the skin.

Of course, yoga pants are not what you absolutely must wear, but based on the experience, this is the best solution there is.

A lot of companies that are making other types of clothing are also making yoga pants. As a part of their collections, yoga pants always find a place because people simply adore them. Please look at the Om & Ah page on Facebook to see how a combination of yoga pants and other clothes look like.

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The shirt is supposed to be lightweight enough so you can move your body without having extra weight on you. It’s also important to have a shirt that is small enough. This is important for flexibility. You need your arms to be free at all times. You shouldn’t get yourself in a position where you stand on one leg, you need to make a complex move and your arms get stuck inside the shirt. Keep the shirt small and simple.

Another important part of your yoga shirt is the material it is made of. Make sure you have a cotton-based shirt. Cloths made of cotton are the most lightweight, but more importantly, they allow the skin to breathe.

If you’re about to practice your yoga moves in winter and outside, then you can’t just get out with the same shirt. A sweater is just fine in this situation. Also, make sure it is made of cotton so you can feel comfortable in it. Read this article discussing why our skin needs to breathe.

Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is also a part of your personal clothing line. Just like the rest of the clothes, you’re going to use the mat only yourself. You don’t get to share it with anyone no matter how much someone insists.

The mat is going to be sweated and this is the main reason why you can’t share it. The mat should be soft enough so you can sit on it, but also firm enough so you can use it as a surface to work on. It must be able to take your weight and stay in place while you perform the complex moves with your feet and hands.

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Yoga beginners don’t understand the importance of the towel. Experienced people practicing yoga have more than one towel as they will probably sweat so much that one towel might not be enough to take the water off.

The towel just like the rest of the clothes is completely personal and is not suppose to be shared with others. It’s also supposed to be made of soft cotton or a material that will feel good on your face.


The conclusion is that you may not need something special to practice yoga, but some things need to be carefully picked. In yoga, flexibility is everything and that’s why clothes need to follow this rule. Yoga pants and shirts must be soft, lightweight, and let the skin breathe. They don’t need highly expensive or be from a special brand. They just need to feel good on your skin and let you do the moves with ease.

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