9 Workout Mistakes That Don’t Let Women Over 35 Years Old Get They Dream Body

9 Workout Mistakes That Don’t Let Women Over 35 Years Old Get They Dream Body

When daily trips to the gym do not bring the expected result, it’s worth thinking about whether everything is right you are doing. The list of basic errors consists of 9 items.

All of them are inherent to us at those or other stages of training and will affect not only the newcomers in the matter.

Especially strongly they prevent women for 35. If you admit such mistakes, then you can forget about the ideal body.

1. Long cardio

Many people think that this is very good thing for your heart. However, only through the continuation of a prolonged cardio-session can negatively affect your cardiovascular system. Kadri workouts should be present in your life but in moderation.

2. Low-calorie food

During training, the body needs a sufficiently significant dose of protein, fat, and carbs. To get all the necessary elements a low-calorie diet should be forgotten.

3. Drinks with electrolytes

In addition to minerals, they contain a large amount of sugar. Which is worse than the minerals income. Therefore, it is worthwhile to refrain from using them, especially during training.

4. I do not drink during training

The body constantly loses water during exercise. So do not torture your body, absolutely depriving it of water. This can lead to some bad outcomes for your health.

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5. More food

Despite the fact that you want to lose weight, you have to eat properly between training. During training, on average, about 500 kcal is lost, so their consumption should also be appropriate.

6. Training on the empty or full stomach

Don’t eat for 2 hours before and after training. If you eat a lot before training, there is a chance that you can get sick. If not enough, then you will not have the strength to exercise.

7. Sauna or bath after the workout

Visiting the sauna after intensive training can lead to unpleasant sensations or even fainting. During the exercises, we lose a lot of fluid, so unnecessary loss to us for anything. Instead, drink a lot of water and take a cool shower beforehand.

8. Stretching

Do not forget about stretching – it will help to remove muscle pain the next day, relax the muscles and avoid injuries.

9. Daily Workouts

The body needs time to recover and rest. Daily training leads the body to exhaustion and exhaust muscles – nothing good it will not end.

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