The Truth About Your Thyroid and Essential Oils: What No Endocrinologist Will Tell You

The Truth About Your Thyroid and Essential Oils: What No Endocrinologist Will Tell You

The thyroid gland has a butterfly shape and is located in the neck area right above the collar bone. The gland is very important for our overall health – it regulates our metabolism and controls the levels of calcium in the body, while producing important hormones as well. Keeping the gland healthy is of vital importance, but unfortunately, it often suffers from different problems, which can cause quite a mess in your body.

The thyroid is an endocrine gland that has a special delivery system which provides hormones to tissues and organs. To regulate its function, you can use essential oils as they have a similar delivery system.

There are many essential oils that support the function of different glands and organs in the body and are great for the health of the thyroid. Here are the essential oils that can boost your thyroid function:

Basil Oil

Basil essential oil is made by distilling basil leaves. According to several studies, it can promote the health of the adrenal, pineal, parathyroid and thyroid gland.

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Clove Oil

This oil is produced by distilling clove buds and can significantly improve the function of your thyroid.

Lemongrass Oil

The lemongrass essential oil is very effective for the thyroid when mixed with clove oil.

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Geranium Oil

This oil can improve your thyroid and adrenal gland function and is produced by the distillation of the pelargonium plant that is native to China.

Myrrh Oil

This oil is a product of the distillation of collected resin from Ethiopian trees. The myrrh oil can reinforce your immune system while also improving your thyroid health.

Frankincense Oil

The frankincense oil is produced by the distillation of resin from Boswellia trees. It can boost the function of the thyroid, pineal and hypothalamus gland.

Ylang Ylang

This unusually named oil is produced by the ylang-ylang flowers native to Madagascar. It can boost the function of the adrenal gland and the production of thyroid hormones as well.

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Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is made from the wood of santalum trees from India and can improve the function of numerous glands in the body.

Here are some tips that will boost the function of your thyroid and improve its health:

Rub some basil essential oil on the adrenals every morning after getting up from bed;

Rub some myrrh oil over the area of your thyroid every day;

Mix 20 drops of lemongrass, frankincense, basil and myrrh essential oils each, then add some coconut or jojoba oil to prepare a roller ball blend that you should use on your soles every day.

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For aroma therapy, add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil in a diffuser. You can also inhale the oil or apply it on your clothes. To use oil topically, apply it directly on the corresponding reflex points on your feet.

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