How To Prepare Your Own Rosemary Alcohol at Home and Eliminate Cellulite?

How To Prepare Your Own Rosemary Alcohol at Home and Eliminate Cellulite?

Rosemary alcohol is a natural product that you can prepare in your own house, or in case that you do not have the time or can’t buy it. Rosemary alcohol serves to eliminate the cellulite thanks to its wonderful ingredients.

It will help you remove it once and for all and you’ll say goodbye to the skin that looks like orange peel!

When you combine this rosemary alcohol with some exercise and a balanced diet rich in proteins, you’ll achieve amazing results!

Make sure you forget about saturated fats and fizzy drinks.


  • 2 tablespoons of rosemary alcohol
  • 2 cotton balls

Soak the cotton balls into the alcohol.

Then, spread the liquid from the thighs to the knees and make sure it covers all the parts of the skin, especially the part at the back of your legs, which is the area where normally a major quantity of cellulites is accumulated.

It is very important that you always use massaging movements since you will contribute to the activation of the blood circulation and the elimination of the cellulites will be easier.

This will also exfoliate your skin so the rosemary alcohol will penetrate in the body better and it will eliminate all the dead cells!


Put a few branches of fresh rosemary into a clean bottle and cover it with 96% alcohol.

Leave the mixture to stay in a cool and dry place for 2 weeks. Shake the bottle every day so that the alcohol can absorb all the properties from the rosemary.

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After 14 days, transfer it to a place where there isn’t sunlight.

This rosemary alcohol will help you eliminate the cellulites because of its anti-inflammatory properties, since it is capable to fight retention and the skin that resembles an orange peel will be gone soon.

It will also activate your circulation. Use this beauty trick every day. Combine it with some physical activities and a healthy diet and the results will be inevitable!

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