Why Meditation Should Be Part of Your Anti-Aging Regimen

Why Meditation Should Be Part of Your Anti-Aging Regimen

Meditation has long been known for disease and anti aging qualities of prevention. These qualities are now being used in the western world. Meditation is now considered a way to reduce stress and improve a person’s overall health. However, few people practice mediation daily. Everything considered it just might be worth the effort.

It has been determined that there is a link between telomerase and telomeres and stress. The protective caps of chromosomes are known as telomeres. These protective caps are somewhat like the tips of shoelace. When the shoelace tips fray, the entire shoelace starts to deteriorate. The shoelaces represent the chromosomes that carry genetic information to our cells.

The length of the telomere determines longevity and aging. The telomeres get shorter as the cells divide. The shorter the telomeres get, the less protection they provide for our chromosomes. Sooner or later, all protection stops and the cells will die. Therefore the maintenance of the length of the telomeres is critical to good health and anti aging.

The enzyme that lengthens and repairs the telomeres is telomerase. However, telomerase wear down and shortens with aging. Meditation and exercise both promotes telomerase. You shouldn’t feel guilty about not exercising, you can meditate instead.

There is as a study about wives who were care givers to Alzheimer’s diseased husbands’ and mothers who were providing care for chronically sick children that determined that those wives and mothers of healthy husbands and children had the longer lengths of telomeres.

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The anti aging potential of mediation has also been studied. The study proved that the people who meditated had biologically younger age markers for their actual years, frequently by as much as 12 years. On the other hand, those who consumed substance that were toxic to reduce the stress and led stressful lives had higher biological age markers than their chronological age.

To meditate properly, you need to stick to a schedule and meditate in a calm location. Consistent practice is more important than schedule. Try sitting comfortably cross legged on a cushion or blanket on the floor. You shouldn’t have any expectations or be tense, just relax with your eyes closed. You should have the attitude that you’re only an impartial observer, without aversions, attachments, or judgment to whatever comes to mind. Meditation should free your mind of clutter and permit it to unwind.

Without trying to control it you should focus on your breathing. Some people like to repeat a mantra. If you start to doze off or your mind wanders try to refocus. You will notice results sooner or later. The thing that matters the most is consistency. You might want to attend group meditations or find someone who teaches meditation. The goal is to let go.

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