Health Benefits of Exercises

Every one wants to live long, prevention of diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer, stroke, food poisoning Most common diabetes and overweight. All these boosting our sex life, body image, harmonical changes & physically & Mentally disturb our mood. Then what will we do? A yes answer is Routine or Regular Exercises.

Exercises is the only one best activity which enhance our life, body and mind to have a happy healthy lifestyle. Many of simple exercises (like 30 Minutes walking, Jogging and playing) we can add our daily routine life to keep away from doctors and their medications. So Check out these Proven health benefits of regular exercises given below:

  1. Exercise Can Control Our Weight: Regular Exercises help us to control the weight of our body. Exercises help to maintain the weight of the body i.e. If you are over weight then exercises helps you to decrease the weight of the body and if you are under weight exercises helps to increase the weight of the your body to keep fit. So Exercises are perfect for weight loss.
  2. Exercises Keeps Heart Healthy: With the helps of exercises you can keep your heart healthy, Because exercises reduces our LDL cholesterol level which blocks our arteries. It also helps to reduce stress on your heart, reduce blood pressure and improve your insulin sensitivity to flow the blood and reduce the chances of developing the blood clots caused heart attack.
  3. Exercises Gives More Energy: If you do workouts, sometimes you felt too tired, Instead of workouts you can do exercises, which may cure your many problems & enhance your energy level like getting enough sleep, proper food intakes and reduce stress. Studies show that the exercises helps to decrease the feelings of fatigue and increased the energy level because it maintain the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues.
  4. Exercises Keeps Bones Healthy: Exercises and healthy dietary calcium intakes build your bones strong and reduces the risk of osteoporosis as you grow older.
  5. Exercises Reduces High Blood Pressure: A simple 20-30 Minutes of walking helps to reduce your Blood Pressure because while walking heart beat rate increased and maintain the enough supply of oxygen to the tissues which reduces the systolic (High) pressure by nearly 4mm Hg and diastolic (Low) pressure by 2.5mm Hg aprox.
  6. Exercise Promotes A Healthy Pregnancy: Although heavy or more Exercises might be risky in this condition but the benefits of exercises have proven that if the pregnant women doing some light exercises in her third trimester promotes a healthy pregnancy & reduces the risk of cesarean. The Kegal exercises are best for pregnant women which strenghten the pelvic muscles and the back exercises are also good for her.
  7. Exercises Prevents Cancer: Exercises help you to prevent the Colon cancer in men and women, Breast cancer in women and lung cancer in both.
  8. Exercises Prevents From Diabetes: Approx. 180 million people in worldwide suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes due to not doing physical activities. Exercises help to starts functioning of insulin in our body which helps to maintain the body glucose in blood. Increase in the insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, body cells can easily transport the glucose in the cells of liver, muscles and adipose tissues.

In Brief Exercises helps in weight loss, boost your Sex life, prevention of skin problems like acne and pimples, improve moods, reduce stress, prevents anti aging effects, reduces the severity of asthma, good for brain cells development & arthritis, reduces the risk of strokes & helps with pain management. So starts doing some exercises to remain healthy, smart and long better life.