How to Have Intercourse During Your Period

How to Have Intercourse During Your Period

A female’s libido enhances when her menstruation approaches. Intercourse on your period sounds unpleasant to many people, but there are methods to get about the discomfort and take pleasure of it. There are other possible assumptions that mostly people think are the maintenance of hygienic clauses and also the side effects ensuing due to making love during the periods. It is your personal preference to make decision that you like to make love or not depending on how easy are you with that. You will be pleased to know that in spite of the cons linked there are far more number of constructive features connected to having intercourse at the time of menstrual cycle that can give real health profits for you. In this article will tell the health benefits of intercourse at the time of menstrual cycle. Given below are some of the benefits of sex during periods.

Mostly love making at the time of periods will really assist you get some break from the ache that normally outcomes with the menstrual cramps. In fact if you are engaged in a sexual closeness you body really discharges some amount of endorphins when you get to the orgasm. Then these endorphins can assist you out to find some release from the menstrual contraction pain.

Moreover, love making at some phase in your menstrual cycle might also very useful to restrain your period by some days is spite of you having a vigorous and usual period. Love making results in moreover uterine spasms which really helpful to avoid menstrual blood at a faster speed and thus your menstrual finishes sooner.

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If you want to make love at the time of menstrual period the most essential thing is that you should do is to share all your nervousness and uneasiness with your partner, it is the great way to get rid of your nervousness about menstruation intercourse so that you both be at ease level to enjoy sexual intercourse during menstrual periods.

You can also try different sexual positions, as different positions help you to have minimum bleeding at that time such as female partner lies on her back is found very beneficial in decreasing the bleeding. You can also utilize a cervical cap to reduce the periodic bleeding at the time of love making.

You can also use flavored condom disguises the smell, which is normally one of the chief things females are self conscious about during sexual intercourse at the time of periods.

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