Are You Getting The Results You Want?

A month into 2022 I wanted to give you some advice on getting the results you may have wanted to achieve this year with regards to your fitness and fat loss. Having been a fitness trainer for 11 years and worked with thousands of clients this blog is based on my own personal experiences.

Review Your Fitness Goals For 2021

Its best to start at looking what your fitness goals were in 2021, what did you set out to achieve, did you achieve them, if so have you sustained those fitness levels and the look you want and if not why not. Probably the most powerful tool for achieving you goals is looking the barriers that have got in the way.

Quite often goals can be too extreme, which can lead to disappointment and eventually stopping exercising when you don’t get the results you want after 12 weeks of hard work.

Nutrition plays a vital roll in both nourishing your body to give you the energy to exercise as well as conditioning your body to become more efficient at burning fat.

Lifestyle and stress can play a huge part in getting in the way of an exercise routine, work and social pressures can take precedent over going to the gym. Three times a week drops to two, to one and soon your not going at all.

Some Helpful Tips

1. Your Current Reality

Reviewing your previous goals, think carefully about what you want to achieve this year and define them clearly. Score your current fitness and nutrition between 1-5 with 5 being what are aiming for.

2. Nutrition

The market is flooded with fad diets, I always approach nutrition with my clients on a case by case situation. A useful tool is to take pictures of your food that you eat and mark that food 1-5 5 being inline with the fitness and or fat loss goals you have set.

3. Lifestyle

Implementing a new fitness routine into your life involves a lifestyle adjustment. Prioritizing this will become vital to the success of your goals. As a rule of thumb I would suggest no less that 12 hours of exercise a month. Clearly define the days and times you are going to train, early mornings are best as there will be less things that will get in the way. Make a list or reasons you can cancel your sessions and reason you cant.

4. Diary

Keeping a diary to track your fitness and nutrition is a very powerful tool, you will be able to see clear patterns of behavior. When you do cancel a fitness session look at the reasons why and then put into place some action around those reasons so it doesn’t happen again.

5. Change Don’t Stop

If after a few months you aren’t getting the results you want, something needs to change, perhaps your goals were too extreme, or perhaps the fitness solutions you are using don’t work for you. Change what you are doing; carrying with an ineffective solution will only lead to frustration and eventually you stooping exercising completely.

I would always suggest having contact with a fitness professional even if its once a month so you are accountable to someone, it may seem like an expense but in the long run its probably cheaper than paying for a years gym membership and only turning up for a few months.