Eyebrow Regrowth: How to Have Them Back Naturally

Eyebrow Regrowth: How to Have Them Back Naturally

Why do you want to have eyebrow regrowth? Let me tell you this: have you ever tried standing in front of the mirror without your eyebrows on? It could have been so surprising. You would also feel awkward, since it would feel as if your face is lacking something. A lot of women would be demoralized. Eyebrows, after all, are important because they can also make the eyes more prominent. Let’s not forget that they also serve as protection against perspiration.

Growing Eyebrows: When?

The length of time for the eyebrow regrowth really depends on the cause for their loss. If you have lost them through your own action, such as when you pluck them from the roots or you happened to mistakenly position your razor and slashed a good bunch of them, you may have your eyebrows back in 4 to 8 weeks.

But there are also cases of eyebrow hair loss that are caused by certain diseases and medications. If you are suffering from alopecia or endocrine system imbalance, one of the common effects is that the eyebrow hair would start to fall off. If you are taking drugs or undergoing therapy, the medicines may prevent the body to produce hair the soonest time possible.

How to Make Eyebrows Grow Faster

Fortunately, women have been inventive and innovative. They have found countless ways on how to make it appear that their eyebrows are back. They would trace the lighter areas with an eyebrow pencil, enough to make the spot less obvious to others. There are also fake eyebrows that can already be purchased in both offline and online stores.

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You may also find women growing their bangs rather than their eyebrows. It’s because it’s a lot easier to trim your hair to make them appear as bangs than to wait for the eyebrows to grow. While you’re still trying to be patient, you can just cover the brows in the meantime. You can also accentuate your face and head with sunglasses or wide-brimmed hats, making you look more chic.

You can also spend thousands of your money for hair transplantation. This means that the doctor is going to get hair in certain parts of the body and put them in your eyebrow follicles. Even if you’ve almost broke the bank, you have your eyebrows back.

Make It Look More Natural with Eyebrow Grower

However, the problem with the above-mentioned methods is that they are all unnatural procedures. And though the eyebrows may look like real, they will never be real Samosir; thus, they will never be able to perform the usual functions of the brows. Moreover, some of them can be harmful.

You may suffer from allergic reactions with your fake eyebrows or even from the surgery.

You should then get Librow. This special eyebrow regrowth enhancer is specially formulated with ingredients that guarantee bolder and thicker eyebrow when they grow back. Moreover, the product is also a stimulator, where you can expect to regrow eyebrows in less than 8 weeks.

Does the cost appear too huge for you? Surely, you would get so many enhancers out there for less than $200. That’s why you’re offered with a money-back deal, if you are no longer satisfied. This way, you can give the product a good shot to help you.

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