Easily Override Your Hotel’s Thermostat with This Simple Trick

When you’re staying in a hotel, one of the biggest annoyances can be a room that’s too hot or too cold.

Often, hotel thermostats have temperature limits set to save energy, which can leave you sweating or shivering in your room.

Fortunately, there’s a simple trick you can use to override these settings and take control of your comfort.

Understanding Hotel Thermostats

Hotel thermostats are often designed to be guest-proof, meaning they have built-in restrictions to prevent users from setting the temperature too high or too low.

These restrictions are typically put in place to reduce energy costs and maintain a certain level of energy efficiency. However, this can sometimes come at the cost of guest comfort.

The Secret Trick

Most modern hotel thermostats have a “hidden” menu that allows you to access more advanced settings, including the ability to override temperature restrictions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to accessing these hidden settings and adjusting the temperature to your liking:

Step 1: Locate the Thermostat

First, identify the type of thermostat your hotel room uses. Common brands include Honeywell, Nest, and others. The location of the thermostat can vary, but it’s typically on the wall near the entrance of the room or next to the bed.

Step 2: Enter the Secret Menu

For most thermostats, there is a combination of buttons you need to press to access the secret menu. Here’s a general method that works for many models:

  1. Honeywell Thermostats: Press and hold the “Display” button. While holding it, press the “Off” button. Then, release the “Off” button while still holding the “Display” button. Finally, press the “Up” button.
  2. Nest Thermostats: Access the settings menu by pressing the thermostat ring. Turn the ring to “Settings,” select “Equipment,” and then “Continue.” Look for “Heat Pump Balance” and set it to “Max Comfort” to override temperature limits.
  3. Generic Models: Try pressing the “Off” button and then the “Up” button simultaneously for five seconds. If this doesn’t work, consult the internet or call the front desk for the specific combination.
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Step 3: Adjust the Temperature

Once you’ve entered the secret menu, you should have access to a wider range of temperature settings. Use the “Up” and “Down” buttons to adjust the temperature to your preferred level.

Step 4: Save Your Settings

After adjusting the temperature, make sure to save your settings. This might involve pressing a “Save” or “Enter” button, or simply exiting the menu.

Tips for Comfort

  • Check the Fan Settings: Sometimes adjusting the fan settings can also improve your comfort. Switching from “Auto” to “On” can help circulate the air better.
  • Use Additional Blankets or Sheets: If the temperature is still not quite right, ask for extra blankets or sheets from the front desk.
  • Portable Fans or Heaters: Some hotels may offer portable fans or heaters upon request.


While hotel thermostats are designed to maintain energy efficiency, your comfort is paramount during your stay. By following this simple trick, you can easily override your hotel’s thermostat settings and enjoy a more comfortable environment.

Just remember to be considerate of energy usage and reset the thermostat to its original settings before you check out. Happy travels!

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