Discover the Answer to “Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Discover the Answer to “Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Do eyelashes grow back? You may be wondering why women would be frantically asking this question. You see, just like any type of hair, the eyelashes can fall off for a lot of reasons.

It could be because of a deliberate action, such as when you pull them while curling. You may have rubbed your eyes so hard that you haven’t realized that you’ve already uprooted your eyelashes from the roots.

It could also be that you’re suffering from an illness such as alopecia, which causes your hair to fall off or even not grow back immediately. Either way, eyelashes are considered to be one of the eyes’ best assets.

Not having them doesn’t only feel awkward but can diminish self-confidence.

How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow?

Now here’s another sad part. The eyelashes will normally grow after 8 weeks, which means you have to wait for around 2 months before you can have them back again. They may even take longer if you have removed them from the roots, and you have to give time for the follicles to develop the hair again.

It may take more months or even years when you suffer from hair loss.

Settling for an Eyelash Enhancement

Thus, a lot of women would settle for anything just to get their eyelashes back. They are also given plenty of options. They can make use of the natural methods, where they are going to tap certain herbs like aloe vera into their eyes, encouraging the hair to grow back immediately.

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There are also others who would be buying fake eyelashes to instantly cure their problem.

There are a number of benefits of using fake eyelashes. For one, they come in a wide variety of designs. You can have the longest eyelashes, thicker eyelashes, or curliest eyelashes. They can be available in sets, so you can change how your eyelashes look anytime you want to.

They can be purchased anywhere—online or in cosmetic shops—and they are also extremely handy. You can tuck them inside your purse or bags, then use them whenever needed.

Why Use an Eyelash Conditioner

But fake eyelashes do pose great danger, especially into the eyes. The skin can be very sensitive when it interacts with objects such as your false eyelashes. Thus, there’s a huge chance that you will suffer from itchiness, redness, and swelling.

You may even develop an infection. Most of all, fake eyelashes cannot really simulate the real ones.

Rather than wasting your money on them, you may want to invest in an eyelash lengthening product called Lilash. This has been around in the market for sometime, giving women a chance to get the most natural-looking sexy eyelashes in the soonest possible time.

It contains specially formulated ingredients that helps your follicles to develop the hair back again within 4 to 6 weeks. Moreover, you can have them a lot thicker and bolder than before. You don’t even need to use a mascara.

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Here’s the downside, though. It will cost you almost $150. So it’s definitely not cheap compared to those false eyelashes. But if you want to stop asking “Do eyelashes grow back?” you may want to make this investment.

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