Why You Should Never Use Lemon In Beauty Treatments?

Lemon Beauty Treatments

Lemon is the only fruit that should be avoided in daily beauty rituals.

Peeling and face masks, hair mask or nails beautifying… “do it yourself” projects , so we ourselves can make at home, enjoying the natural beauty treatments. However, scientists warn: avoid using lemon!

Many women use the juice of this citrus fruit, to illuminate the hair, but also for treatment of hyperpigmentation of the skin, and freckles or spots that occur on the hands and face. Sometimes, the use of lemon goes so far that in the bathroom is used as part of a chemical peel, which greatly impairs the quality of the skin and its health.


  1. Lemon juice has a very low pH, and its overuse irritate the skin, which becomes redder, leading to the emergence of a serious problem called phyto photodermatitis. It is characterized by painful redness and blisters, and accompanied with constant itching and burning sensation of the irritated parts of the skin.
  2. Lemon contains photosensitive substances which react with exposure to the sun, leaving the skin especially sensitive to UV rays. This also leads to hyperpigmentation, which is ironic, given that lemons are used for fading spots.
  3. The last point is about the hair. Often, lemons are used to illuminate the hair or locks. Mixed with water, and the liquid is applied to the tops or the entire hair to get natural effect and avoid treatment with paints or other cosmetic products. But do not do it! Namely, lemon weakens the hair, after which it becomes easier brittle and lifeless.

So according to this site Tempat Wisata di Pontianak, to best combat hyperpigmentation and locks on hair, but do not use “do it yourself” products prepared on the basis of lemons in the home kitchen.